How to Track Lost iPhone With Different Methods?

You need to set up Find my iPhone/iPad/Mac to make this method work. You can download the official Find my iPhone app from the App Store, not necessarily for tracking your Apple device. The app is only the other way of accessing this service for locating your iPhone or the other Apple devices. If you are blessed with an iPhone and a second iPad, then you also can install the app for locating your missing gadget. Otherwise, you only need a browser and Apple ID login details. Do not worry that someone can disconnect your device from iCloud or turn off Find My iPhone. If you have iOS7 or later version, then a feature with name Activation Lock will prevent anyone from doing that without your password.

Log in to iCloud and Start ‘Find My iPhone’

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. If you get to iCloud’s two-step authentication that asks you to insert a code, you don’t have to enter it necessarily.
  3. Instead, click on Find My iPhone quick access link at the bottom.
  4. This will direct you right into Find My iPhone’s map interface.
  5. If you are not shown two-step authentication, then you will see your iCloud dashboard after signing in.
  6. Tap on Find My iPhone icon, it will be first in the second row.
  7. You will now see Find My iPhone interface with a map.

Select your lost iPhone, Airports, Mac or iPad

  1. Tap on All Devices drop-down menu and choose your missing gadget.
  2. Tracking of your device will itself begin now.
  3. If it is successful, you will be able to see its location on the map itself.
  4. You now have the option to trigger a signal, activate ‘Lost Mode’ or Erase all the data.
  5. Depending on several factors, it may take some time.
  6. Use option of Erase as the last resort because Find My iPhone will not work anymore now.
  7. Activating lost mode will lock your device with a password and will display a message of your choice along with a phone number.
  8. No need to freak out if you realized that you had turned it off.
  9. It will be visible as long as your device is in the lost mode.

That is all you can do to track your lost Apple device. If your internet data is turned off and is not connected to Wi-Fi, then it is not possible to track it using my iPhone. The only hope remaining then is to wait for the thief who has got it to connect it o to the web. You don’t have any need to stay inside iCloud and press refresh every time. If your device is offline, then you can allow Apple to notify you once its back online.

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