How to Right-Click on a Mac

Looking at the mouse you have got with your Mac and wondering how to right-click? There is no button for the click. Some years ago, Apple insisted that one button mouse is the way to go. Windows users do prefer the two button mouse. There has been a lot of confusion about how to right click on a Mac. While the Magic Mouse that comes along with your mouse may seem to have no button. It has a touch-sensitive surface that defines how to create a primary and secondary click.

Right Click for Everyone

Let’s start with the simplest way to produce a right click with the use of a keyboard modifier to change primary click on the mouse or the trackpad into a right click. This trick is going to work with any pointing devices including trackpads and mice.

  • Place the cursor over the item you want to right-click on.
  • Press and hold the control key while you tap on the keyboard or the trackpad, you will see a context-specific menu.
  • Release the Control key and select the menu item you want to use once the list is drawn. The control-click will also work on Magic Trackpad.

Set up the mouse secondary or Right-Click

It’s good to use Control key but why to bother when this can be done with the mouse too. You just need to define the function of right click.

  • Select the system preferences icon in the Dock and Launch System Preferences.
  • Just select System Preferences from Apple menu.
  • Select Mouse preference pane.

The Mouse preference pane will have a different interface on the kind of mouse being used.

Apple Magic Mouse

  • Just select a point and click the tab in preference.
  • Now place a checkmark in the item labeled Secondary click.
  • You will find chevron, just below secondary click text. Click chevron and select which side of magic Mouse will be used for the secondary click.

Apple Might Mouse or Third Party Mice

Try to pick either the left or the right mouse button to be used as a Primary mouse button. The remaining button will be defined as the secondary button used for accessing context-sensitive menus.

Third party Mice with Drivers

Some of the third party Mice do come with their own set of mouse drivers that supersede Mac’s built-in mouse drivers. Don’t use third-party drivers, although they must be having some additional capabilities. If you want to use third-party drivers just be sure to follow the instructions below:

How to Trackpad Right Click?

  • Open System Preferences.
  • Choose the trackpad preference pane.
  • Choose the Point and Click tab in trackpad window.
  • Put a checkmark in the item labeled Secondary tap.
  • At the bottom of the Secondary click will be a chevron, tap on it and select:
  • Click with just two fingers.
  • Click on the below right corner.
  • Click on the leftmost edge below.

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